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Another Merger Looming

TopMed Medical Scheme (‘TopMed’) and Pharos Medical Plan (‘Pharos’) have decided to merge with effect from 1 January 2014. Discussions that have taken place between the two schemes has resulted in what both Boards consider to be an amalgamation that combines the best of both schemes and is not a take-over of one scheme by the other. This will result in certain options from both TopMed and Pharos being retained. However, the TopMed Medical Scheme branding will continue into the future.
There is a very good fit between the benefit options of the two schemes. This allows the new scheme to reduce the combined number of TopMed and Pharos options whilst still being able to offer a complete range of products.
In terms of the Rules of both Schemes, members are required to approve the amalgamation through a voting process. This report provides the members of both schemes with key information on the proposed merger and the likely impact on members for 2014.