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Jan 17

South Africa’s biggest medical schemes – what they offer, what’s changed, and how much they cost in 2020

Staff Writer14 January 2020 Top of Form Subscribe Bottom of Form A new year brings higher prices and some big changes to South ...
Jan 17

LETTER: Dangerous fools may end up running the NHI

Then things could go dangerously wrong in our public hospitals 13 JANUARY 2020 – 17:46 The aim of the NHI Bill is to bring better health ...
Oct 21

Ramaphosa launches anti-corruption forum ‘to protect the NHI Fund’

The president is hopeful that cleaning up the healthcare system in efforts to protect the NHI Fund will ensure that South Africa reaches universal health ...
Oct 21

10 quick questions on designated service providers (DSPs)

All medical scheme members will, sooner or later come across the term Designated Service Provider (DSP). Knowing what it means can save you a lot ...