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Feb 8

How untreated sleep apnoea puts your heart at high risk

Anyone who experiences snoring, choking or gasping during sleep should talk to a medical provider about their risk for sleep apnoea.

5 Tips to Help …

Feb 8

Rise in cancer diagnoses and costs show no sign of abating – report

Feb 07 2020 06:00 

Londiwe Buthelezi

Lede wat aan die KeyCare Plus-opsie van Discovery Health Mediese Skema behoort is verheug oor die nuus dat hul premies nie …

Feb 4

EDITORIAL: Finding the NHI’s money fairy

Frighteningly, it appears that those mandated to explain the plan to the public exist in a parallel universe, where laws of basic mathematics and finance …

Feb 4

The proposed National Health Insurance is no more than a reshuffle of finances – and a truly bad one at that. It has nothing to do with improving the delivery of healthcare or bringing about operational efficiencies.

The National Health Insurance (NHI) roadshows currently crossing the country amply illustrate the horror ordinary citizens suffer under poorly delivered public health services. Additionally, we …