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Oct 10

2026 deadline for NHI implementation too tight, FFC warns

09 October 2019 – 15:52BY TAMAR KAHN

The NHI promises to provide patients with care that is free at the point of service. Image: GALLO IMAGES

The government’s proposed …

Oct 8

How government plans to convince private doctors to work in the public sector under the NHI

Staff Writer8 October 2019

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

The Department of Health is working on a number of plans to …

Oct 8

E-cigarettes: Here are five things to know

E-cigarettes have become hugely popular in the past decade, but a rash of vaping-linked deaths and illnesses in the United States is feeding caution about …

Oct 6

How medical savings work

Sandy van Dijl

Discovery Health has more than half of the medical aid market in SA, but a backlash …