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Jul 17

Wash your hands, wear a mask, distance… Do people actually listen?

Do public health campaigns actually improve the behaviour of citizens? Researchers investigated.

We keep hearing the same Covid-19 advice, but do we listen?

Dutch researchers wanted …

Jul 17

DIY hand sanitiser: Why there shouldn’t be an over-reliance on it for coronavirus protection

The DIY route is harder than it seems, and if done wrong, could make the final product ineffective – and sometimes even dangerous.

Hand sanitisers …

Jul 17

73 countries are running out of HIV medication due to pandemic. Is SA on that list?

The pandemic has caused disruptions in the supply of critical ARV medication for HIV patients, with some countries reporting that they are running out.

Getty …

Jul 16

Plans to introduce NHI in South Africa will not work: analysts

Staff Writer15 July 2020

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The Institute for Race Relations (IRR) has criticised president Cyril Ramaphosa’s recent