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Jul 16

Plans to introduce NHI in South Africa will not work: analysts

Staff Writer15 July 2020

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The Institute for Race Relations (IRR) has criticised president Cyril Ramaphosa’s recent 

Jul 15

What we learned from Italy’s outbreak: About 40% of coronavirus cases in one town were asymptomatic

In a study that focused on the Italian town of Vo, researchers found that community lockdown measures significantly reduced the infection rate.


Human Immune System …

Jul 15

How to reduce your risk of contracting Covid-19 in a restaurant

With restaurants in South Africa reopening, people are more likely to dine out – but how can you do this safely?

ions on restaurants, casinos …

Jul 15

How nutrition can affect your lung health

With Covid-19, there is a renewed focus on our respiratory health. But did you know the food we eat can impact our lung health as …