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Message from Victor, whose daughter is a Pharmacologist (M.Sc.) at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals in Italy.

In this message she begs her father to adhere to the following rules and regulations.

I’m passing this on to you hoping you will adhere as well.

(1) She says “The first 7 days (in the case of South Africa – 27 March to 2nd April) is referred to as the Incubation period of the pandemic and its advisable that you do not leave your home to buy unnecessary stuff at the shops.

Rather stay lockdown.

(2) From 2nd April (second week of lock down in SA – 3rd April to 9th April) the incubation period of Covid 19 will be over, however, the positive infection period of Covid 19 will start.

This is a critical period, a time when many people become infected and very sick.

This is the period when people should take extra, extra care.

Stay at home and do not make contact with people.

Be very vigilant, because this is the time where Covid 19 reaches its peak.

This is the time infections start and many people become very ill and lose their lives.

Remember, the second week of lockdown is the critical period of infection and you should not let your guard down.

(3) After 2 weeks of quarantine the virus normally settles down and a period of relative calm sets in.

(4) What happened in Italy was that they did not consider the second week of corona infections when the first week of the incubation period was already well established and allowed to incubate and later go over to a period of infections.

It is, therefore, imperative during the second week of quarantine that you do not invite or allow people to visit you.

This second week is the week you must continuously remind your family members to take good care. .