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Discovery Health update


We have introduced a designated service provider for oncology on KeyCare plans

Discovery Health Medical Scheme is committed to making sure our members have access to the best of care when they need it most.

In 2015, the designated service provider for members on the KeyCare Plus and KeyCare Core plans who need cancer treatment is the Independent Clinical Oncology Network (ICON). ICON is a clinically influential organisation representing a large number of esteemed oncologists in the country. ICON provides KeyCare members with access to a nationwide network of oncologists.  ICON has a national footprint with high-tech chemotherapy and radiation therapy facilities across South Africa. More than 80% of South Africa’s oncologists and radiation oncologists belong to ICON.

This means KeyCare members must use a cancer specialist who is a member of the ICON network for full cover for their cancer treatment. If members who are receiving cancer treatment choose to use a cancer specialist who is not part of the ICON network, a 20% co-payment on their treatment applies.

This will not immediately affect those members who are currently receiving treatment that will continue into 2015. We will continue to pay for approved treatment as we currently pay for it until the treatment ends. If a member needs new treatment after this current treatment regime ends, members will need to use a cancer specialist who is on the ICON network to avoid a 20% co-payment.

Members registered on the KeyCare Oncology programme have received communication advising them of the designated service provider changes. Members have also received a call from Discovery Health explaining the impact of the change to their current benefit structure.

The 2015 KeyCare marketing material has been updated and is available on

For a list of cancer specialists on the ICON network, please visit or call us on 0860 99 88 77.

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