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Just in case you missed this : I have taken the liberty of re-sending you the important message below that was distributed in the eDiscoverer last week :

Discovery Health Medical Scheme (DHMS) constantly works hard to make sure our members have access to high-quality healthcare they can rely on, now and into the future.

Our aim is to make sure members get the most value from their health cover. Discovery Health Medical Scheme offers the widest range of health plans on the market, so members can choose the one that is right for their healthcare needs and those of their family.

Over the last few years and especially during the last year-end, Discovery Health Medical Scheme has seen a significant shift towards Classic equivalent plans. This is true for both existing and new members – nearly 13 000 beneficiaries (5% of existing members) on Essential Plans upgraded to Classic Plans over the most recent year-end period. Growth in new Classic Plans was five times that of the growth in new Essential Plans over the last four years.

These Classic Plan choices are to the benefit of both the Scheme and the members. Members in particular gain access to broader coverage of specialists in direct payment arrangements, giving them Full Cover Choice and minimising potential co-payments.

Taking this into account, the Scheme will offer a once-off limited open window period for members to change to their equivalent Classic Plan. The following table summarises the movements we will allow:

Current  Health Plan

Plan movement options available during the window period

Essential Comprehensive

Classic Comprehensive or Classic Comprehensive Zero MSA

Essential Delta Comprehensive

Classic Delta Comprehensive

Essential Priority

Classic Priority

Essential Saver

Classic Saver

Essential Delta Saver

Classic Delta Saver

Essential Core

Classic Saver

Essential Delta Core

Classic Delta Saver

Classic Core

Classic Saver

Classic Delta Core

Classic Delta Saver

Coastal Saver

Classic Saver or Classic Delta Saver

Coastal Core

Classic Saver or Classic Delta Saver

Members will be allowed to make these changes with effective dates 1 April 2013 or 1 May 2013. Backdated changes will not be allowed. Requests for plan changes will be accepted with immediate effect and will close 30 April 2013.

Two examples:

  1. If a member requests a change on 25 March 2013, they can request that the change takes effect 1 April 2013 or
    1 May 2013.

If a member requests the change on 10 April 2013, the change can only take effect 1 May 2013.