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Medihelp and Hypertension


What was the incidence of high blood pressure (hypertension), also called the “silent killer”, on Medihelp during January and February 2013?

· 27 651 – the number of Medihelp beneficiaries who claimed medicine for hypertension

· 74 445 – the number of items they claimed

· R6 588 108 – what it cost Medihelp

(Source: Mediscor Analyzer, 10 April 2013)

What are Medihelp’s benefits for hypertension?

Hypertension, as a CDL condition, qualifies for PMB, subject to pre-registration and treatment protocols. This means the treatment of hypertension will be paid in full and at cost, according to Medihelp’s PMB protocols and the Medihelp Reference Price on medicine items. 

Please advise your clients who suffer from hypertension to register the condition for PMB. If their condition qualifies, Medihelp will automatically approve a basket of care, including consultations and certain tests relating to hypertension, for PMB.