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Newborns can be without healthcare benefits for months if not registered with NHI on time


The building that houses NHI offices


Newborns or infants new to the territory could be without healthcare benefits for as long as three months if parents fail to register them with the National Health Insurance (NHI) on time

The NHI gave that indication in a recently published newsletter while informing parents how to properly register their babies.

“In order to avoid the three-month penalty, have your baby registered within his or her first month. The penalty stipulates that the beneficiary will not have access to his or her healthcare benefits until three months after the effective registration date,” said the NHI who exempts children from making contributions to its health scheme.

“Older infants and children who are new to the territory should also be registered within 30 days of their arrival to the territory to avoid the three-month penalty,” the NHI added.

Three-step process

A three-step process is required to successfully register an infant.

This process includes retrieving a Child Registration Form from the NHI’s website or a physical copy from their office and filling it out, attaching the necessary documents, and submitting both the form and documents to the NHI office.

The documents required include the child’s birth certificate and proof of Immigration status.

“This (proof of Immigration status) includes a valid passport, Belonger’s or residence certificate or card, or a letter from the Civil Registry & Passport Office, and in some instances, a letter from your child’s daycare.”

Once a parent is successful with their registration process, their child will be granted an NHI Smart Card. This card will not feature any photographs for children under five years of age.